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Judging and Winners Announcements will take place no later than July 31st, 2020.


Mental Health

Open Screenplay has partnered with Layla to shed light on a critical topic that affects all of us, mental health. When it comes to mental health, each of us is living our own unique story. For those struggling with their mental health, it is often too difficult to speak openly about it.

We invite you to write a mental health screenplay. What does it look like to live with mental illness? What steps do you take to overcome challenges and thrive? How can positive mental health communities be formed? What does mental health advocacy look like? How does the current system or societal structure help or fail people living with mental health challenges? Tell us a mental healthy story and help us change lives for the better.

IMPORTANT GUIDELINE: Any production of the winning screenplay will adhere to COVID-19 physical distancing requirements, so please take that into account when writing.
See section on Requirements for more information.




$1500 CAD

License fee cash award

& Screenplay will be produced**


$500 CAD

License fee cash award

+ Chance to be produced!


$250 CAD

License fee cash award

+ Chance to be produced!



Layla empowers you to take greater control of your mental health, bridging the gap between wanting care and getting it. We're a human-first, tech-powered service that makes it simpler to connect with the right mental health support.

For more information, visit www.layla.care.


5 min or less


Submission period begins on
May 1st, 2020

Submission Deadline is
June 21th, 2020


Enter to Win

Participating is easy! There are two ways you can contribute:

START a new short film screenplay: simply sign in to Open Screenplay and click START SCREENPLAY on the main menu. Choose Layla’s Mental Health contest to enter your screenplay into the competition. The screenplay must be completed onwww.openscreenplay.com.

FIND a short film screenplay to contribute to: go to the Find Page and under type, select SHORT FILM and CONTEST ENTRY. Select any short film screenplays with Layla’s logo below it. If the screenplay is public, you can contribute right away. If it’s private, you have to request an invitation to the screenplay.

Get Paid & Produced!

The winning screenplay will be filmed and produced by Open Screenplay.

IMPORTANT Guidelines for Short Film Production: Given constraints related to COVID-19, screenplays will only be produced while strictly observing social distancing guidelines. This will help us produce the short film while keeping our communities safe.
We therefore call on your creativity and ingenuity to ensure all screenplays be written and conceptualized in a way that would allow for production in a socially distant context. This includes considerations that the actors, crew members and director may not be able to meet and film in person.

(Optional) Refer to win!

As part of our contest, we are also offering a very special incentive: refer someone and, if they win, you can earn the same amount of money they earn.

Yes, if you refer someone who participates in the contest and their contribution earns them part of a cash award, you will receive an amount of money equal to what they earn.

For example, if you refer one person who earns $50 – you receive $50. If you refer 15 people who collectively earn $1,250 – you receive $1,250