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Murat Vargelci’s thoughtful screenplay "The Poem" won first prize for Open Screenplay’s contest on the sensitive topic of mental health in partnership with Layla. Murat is a first-time screenwriter whose screenplay has been produced by award-winning director Matt Handy and stars Nabeel ElKhafeef (The Expanse, X-men Apocalypse, The Mist).

Award Winning Directors & Producer

Awards and accolades from the festival circuit continue to come in for our first production, "Kin", which is based on the winning screenplay from our first short film contest. The screenplay, originally titled "The Arrears" is a riveting gothic horror, written by up and coming writer, Maddison Tebbut, and which attracted Oscar-nominated director Sarah Gross, Golden-Globe nominated Richard Kletter as Executive Producer, and Academy-Award nominated Executive Producer Mohannad Malas. The film is currently in limited release at select film festivals, and is slated for commercial release in Spring of 2022.

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