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Thank you to all who applied.
We hope you will apply again to our next program, scheduled for Jan/Feb 2022.


Selected Finalists

The six talented writers below have been selected to participate in the M Film Lab Fall 2021 Program, where they will work with and learn from experienced mentors and industry professionals to develop their screenplays. At the end of the program, one screenplay will be selected for production!




Fall 2021 Program

We are delighted to announce our fall 2021 film lab, held in partnership with MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau, The Pillars Fund and Open Screenplay.

Six talented screenwriters will be selected to work on their short film screenplays and be mentored by our team of accomplished filmmakers and industry professionals, with one screenplay to be selected for production!

The lab combines personalized individual and group sessions to facilitate a dynamic and creative development of a screenplay. Through the generous sharing of personal processes of creation among a group of film professionals, the 10 day lab aims to provide the participants with a fertile environment to learn and be inspired.


Key Dates

Applications Open
Applications Closed
1st Cohort Announcement
Film Lab Starts
Film Lab Ends
Winning Screenplay Announcement

Lab Mentors



Film lab is open to all applicants, Muslim & non-Muslims alike, over the age of 18 and residing in the United States of America and Canada.
Application and participation in the film lab is free of charge.
To apply, you must complete the application process outlined below, including submitting a completed short film screenplay about the specified topic.
Applicants must confirm their full availability for the film lab workshops and events.
Applications must be completed and submitted before deadline of August 20, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.
All applications must be completed through the process outlined below.


Applications are to be submitted using the Open Screenplay platform.
Applications are comprised of the 2 parts:
Applicant questionnaire.
15 page first draft short film screenplay about the topic outline above.
Short-listed applicants may be asked to conduct a short video interview prior to confirmation.
Applications must be completed before August 20, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.

Judging Criteria

In addition to compliance with the film lab’s eligibility requirements, submitted applications will be evaluated on a variety of factors including but not limited to relevance to contest topic, originality, creativity, and structure. Applications are judged by a select committee of lab partners.



No previously produced material or adaptations. The screenplays must be a new, original, unproduced work.
No remote or difficult to reach locations, or federal or private attractions like The Statue Of Liberty, Mt. Rushmore, The Empire St. Building, CN Tower, Eiffel Tower, famous museums, etc.
No using of trademarks that belong to other people or companies
No use of existing characters, songs, logos, brands, etc.

About M Film Lab


M Film Lab is a free-to-join screenwriting workshop and mentorship opportunity for storytellers and creators committed to fair artistic representation of Muslims and Islam in film & television. Using an online format and advanced tools, The M Film Lab aims to discover and provide opportunities to aspiring screenwriters, while creating a pipeline of compelling, meaningful content that sheds light on the issues facing Muslims in America and abroad.

The M Film Lab is open to all aspiring screenwriters, and features opportunities to work with and learn from accomplished industry professionals, forge new connections with other artists.


About Lab Partners


The Pillars Fund amplifies the leadership, narratives, and talents of Muslims in the United States to advance opportunity and justice for all. Since their founding in 2010, Pillars has distributed more than $6 million in grants to Muslim organizations and leaders who advance social good. Pillars Fund invest in community-focused initiatives, push back against harmful narratives, uplift Muslim stories, and give collectively to generate resources within Muslim communities for Muslim communities.


MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau changes the narrative of Islam and Muslims in the entertainment industry so that audiences see Muslims as vital contributors to creating social and cultural change in America and around the world. We do this by engaging decision makers and creatives to improve the quality of authentic, nuanced, and inclusive depictions of Islam and Muslims. We also create opportunities for Muslim storytellers to tell their own stories

Open Screenplay is a first of its kind online platform where storytellers from all over the world can write, learn, collaborate, share and connect with opportunities to be paid and produced. Open Screenplay aims to bring democracy and diversity to the world of film and television, so that the world we see on the screen is as beautifully diverse as the one we live in.

The winners have been announced