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Introducing the world’s first free, online platform that helps you create a story, write a screenplay and collaborate with storytellers around the globe.

Every one of us has a unique story to tell. Together, we believe we have the power to craft stories so much more diverse & entertaining than the world Hollywood depicts. That’s why we created Open Screenplay.

As open as you want

While we believe we’re better together, we also know writing is personal. If your screenplay is private, you’re in complete control. If your screenplay is public, everyone gets to vote, so you have real world insights into how people are responding and engaging with your screenplay.

Rewarding your Efforts

If your contributions to screenplays are voted in, you’ll receive writing credits and be on your way to stardom.

There’s money to be made

Your writing will also be rewarded financially for contributions you make to screenplays that sell.

A community of storytellers to take you from concept to film.

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