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From Story to Production

Produced screenplays written on Open Screenplay have garnered dozens of awards and accolades in major film festivals.

Murat is a first-time screenwriter whose screenplay has been produced by award-winning director Matt Handy and stars Nabeel ElKhafeef (The Expanse, X-men Apocalypse, The Mist).

The Poem, has been picked up for worldwide distribution by Discover.film and is now available to view on over 100 Million handsets, and on the entertainment systems of the world’s top airlines!

How We Create Opportunities

Entertainment companies, brands, businesses, and non-profits all want to produce films. We bring them directly to you.



Stand out by participating in one of our screenplay or story concept contests for chances to get paid, produced or hired!

Closes 22/1/2024


Open Screenplay

Dystopian films serve as stark visual warnings of the worst dangers facing humanity. From...

Closes 31/12/2023

Adventure Short

Open Screenplay

One of the best times you can have at the movies is following a hero on a grand conquest, exploring...

Closes 01/12/2023

Action Short

Open Screenplay

Action films have come a long way from the stories of maverick police officers like Dirty Harry or...

Closes 01/11/2023

Horror Short

Open Screenplay

Whether in the theater or streamed at home, horror continues to be one of the most popular film...

Closes 01/10/2023

Ticking Clock Short

Open Screenplay

The very sound of a ticking clock evokes feelings of anxiety. Add high stakes and it makes for great...

Closes 01/9/2023

TV Series Pilot (30 min)

Open Screenplay

The 30-minute or less TV series holds a special place in the pantheon of entertainment. From...

Closes 31/7/2023

Drama Short II

Open Screenplay

Back for another year is our ever popular Drama Short Film contest. This is where you get to show...

Closes 01/7/2023

Feature Film II Contest

Open Screenplay

Our 2nd Feature Film Contest! This is your chance to show your screenwriting chops in the big league...

Closed 01/6/2023

Animated Kids Series Pilot

Open Screenplay

A great animated children’s series does more than entertain. It can spark a child’s imagination,...

Closed 31/5/2023

Remix the Script


It’s time to Remix the Script! In celebration of Arab Heritage Month, Open Screenplay is partnering...

Closed 01/5/2023

TV Series Pilot II (60 min)

Open Screenplay

The changing landscape of entertainment and the growth of streaming services has placed us firmly...

Closed 01/4/2023

Write For Your Favorite Actor

Open Screenplay

Did you know that Quentin Tarantino wrote the character of Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction with John...
M Film Lab

Closed 16/3/2023

M Film Lab Spring 2023 Program

M Film Lab

We invite you to write a screenplay for a 15-minute short film (Max 15 pages) about any topic,...

Closed 01/3/2023

Short Film Contest III

Open Screenplay

We are delighted to announce the return of our popular annual Open Topic Short Film Contes! For the...

Closed 12/2/2023

Scripted Audio Series (Kids 8-12)


If you are a children’s writer or dream of being one – this contest is for you! ! In partnership...

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