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WIN $1,000


** Production of Screenplay contingent on CAI securing funding for winning screenplay


Arab Stories: Debunking Arab Myths

In keeping with our mission of bringing forth opportunities to write about socially important topics, Open Screenplay is pleased to announce the launch of a 5 min short film screenwriting contest and production deal in partnership with the Canadian Arab Institute titled “Arab Stories: Debunking Arab Myths”.

For decades, the mainstream media in the West has systematically stereotyped and vilified people of Arab origin. In over 900 Hollywood films, Arabs have been depicted as brute murderers, religious fanatics, oil-rich dimwits or abusers of women, not to mention quintessential villains. Such degradation of an entire people ultimately leads to their dehumanization. Today, Arabs in the West are constantly required to face racist stereotypes, profiling at airports, suspicious glares on the subway, and struggle to express a historic language, identity, and culture of immense depth and diversity.

It is time to correct this narrative and dispel the various myths and stereotypes that have long unjustly followed this rich and diverse community. We want you to write a screenplay that speaks to this topic and advances the discourse in a creative and meaningful way.




$1,000 CAD

License fee cash award

& will be produced **

$500 CAD

License fee cash award

+ Chance to be produced!


$250 CAD

License fee cash award

+ Chance to be produced!


** Production of Screenplay contingent on CAI securing funding for winning screenplay


ABOUT The Canadian Arab Institute

The Canadian Arab Institute is a national non-partisan organization that focuses on issues and interests of the Canadian Arab community through research, policy, programming and community engagement. CAI celebrates and encourages Arab Canadians' participation in all social, political, cultural and economic aspects of Canadian society

For more information, visit www.canadianarabinstitute.org.


5 min or less


Submission period begins on
June 15th, 2020

Important Update:
Submission Deadline Extended!

Screenplays must be submitted before
Saturday November 14 at 12:00 Midnight.


Enter to Win

Participating is easy! There are two ways you can contribute:

START a new short film screenplay: simply sign in to Open Screenplay and click START SCREENPLAY on the main menu. Choose the “ARAB STORIES” contest to enter your screenplay into the competition. The screenplay must be completed on openscreenplay.com.

FIND a short film screenplay to contribute to: go to the Find Page and under type, select SHORT FILM and CONTEST ENTRY. Select any short film screenplays with CAI’s logobelow it. If the screenplay is public, you can contribute right away. If it’s private, you have to request an invitation to the screenplay. the screenplay.

Get your screenplay produced!

The screenplay awarded the first prize WILL BE produced by Open Screenplay. The screenplay must be original and must be written on www.openscreenplay.com.

(Optional) Refer to win!

As part of our contest, we are also offering a very special incentive: refer someone and, if they win, you can earn the same amount of money they earn.

Yes, if you refer someone who participates in the contest and their contribution earns them part of a cash award, you will receive an amount of money equal to what they earn.

For example, if you refer one person who earns $50 – you receive $50. If you refer 15 people who collectively earn $1,250 – you receive $1,250

Hurry! Contest closes Nov 14th 2020