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Pleased To Meet You

Sammy has five minutes to impress his date or he will explode.


Oz: In Loving Memory (February 14, 2019)

.About a mother whose 10 year old son passes away, but now in the present she feels guilty as she ...



While babysitting her neighbor’s isolated son, Maggie is introduced to his imaginary friend Spooky. ...

Thriller / Suspense


Nate has spent 3 months each year hibernating from the harsh winters with his mother. This time as ...


Decimation (February 14, 2019 17:10:34)

Decimation- The fate of the country lies in the hands of a rookie TSA agent who must take down the ...


The Writers' Class

In the very near future, apathy and social media have created a new caste system where readers are ...

Mystery / Action

The Decision

A burnt-out private detective of the modern era wonders about his future while running down a ...

Suspense / Adult

A Night In. (February 13, 2019)

Two bestfriends and One long feirce night!


The Dinner Party

Betty and Dave are expecting a quiet night in, but that is not what their family has in store for ...


TARTAROO (February 14, 2019 23:57:25)

The denizens of Hell may soon become a reality for a drug dealing janitor if he doesn't repent for ...


The Usual Escape

A pair of inmates live comfortably in prison until a new warden determines to release them for good ...


The Big Wish

A little boy gets a new big friend to play with.

Drama / Tragedy

Untitled (January 27, 2019)

Love has no proof, it’s all about faith.

Action / Comedy


Frustrated with the justice system, a retired vigilante reunites with her former sidekick to rid ...


My Good Sister

Lily & Denise are sisters, 10 yrs apart. Same father, different mothers. Denise is biracial. Lily & ...