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Moving on...easier said than done.


Pleased To Meet You

Sammy has five minutes to impress his date or he will explode.


Dirty Dave

Dirty Dave - When a hardened cop sees trouble in his town of Los Angeles from an evil six year old ...

Drama / Tragedy

Untitled (January 27, 2019)

Love has no proof, it’s all about faith.


Sister death

A five year old learns the truth that life isn't as perfect as she had always thought.

Comedy / Drama


A distracted single mother doesn't notice when her 12 year old son starts chewing her nicotine gum.

Romance / Comedy

My Uber Driver

A once promising Chess prodigy returns to his home town and reconnects with his high school crush ...


5 minutes

After receiving a warning that his building will be aerially bombed Issam, a citizen from Gaza has ...


The Writers' Class

In the very near future, apathy and social media have created a new caste system where readers are ...



Sometimes you should just move on


Missing Pixels

A work from home engineer installs security cameras after a break in but the footage only reveals ...

Sci Fi / Drama

Stranger Than Fiction

A teenage Saxon Musk accidentally time-travels back to the 60s, where his tales of contemporary ...


The Margolin

Dear Isabelle, this pearl reveals your destiny. It will predict your path before it’s imminence. ...

Action / Comedy

Bullet Club

The Rise of one of the most Notorious wrestling Stables out of NJPW



While babysitting her neighbor’s isolated son, Maggie is introduced to his imaginary friend Spooky. ...