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Mystery / Suspense

The Visions of Babe (April 30, 2019)

A little girl ‘s vision that makes a young man change his path of life to God


The Devil's Solitaire

Several high school students try to gain their hearts desire by trying to beat the devil at his own ...

Drama / Mystery

Davos (Working Title)

The gathering of world leaders in this secretive mountain town begin with hoopla and ended in ...


Point of no return

Jake Rider finds himself in a battle between timelines as men from the future hunt him to kill him ...

Comedy / Drama

Could be

A single 37 year old women recently divorced from her ex-husband. No kids. Shes a struggling ...


Miscellaneous (March 19, 2019)

A down and out troubled teen finds an unique artifact that creates miscellaneous and strange items.



A boy's life is changed and construed by the customers of his summer job as a gift-shop clerk.



Two self-proclaimed outcasts attempt to live "off the grid" but their plans are soon thwarted by an ...

Sci Fi / Romance

Adam and Eve

Hundreds of years in the future, humanity has disappeared. The only sentient being left on earth ...

Drama / Tragedy


At the height of the Iraq War, young soldier James Lewis is killed in action in front of his best ...


Saint Helena

When Napoleon loses the war, he's sent to the isle of Saint Helena. But his story isn't over yet. ...



This film will be about a girl who had a twin but they were separated at birth they find each ...


Speaking Dangerously

When the death of the town's most sweetest girl goes unsolved, her insecure sister and two envious ...


Broken Bridges

After returning home, mysterious pieces leads a curious sister to uncover the cause of her ...

Romance / Tragedy

The Love I Have For You

The tragedy of love; leaves a 16 year old scared with trust issues. Not wanting to get close to ...