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reunited and kidnap

a detective must solve a case involving a kidnap but has no idea that there is a great secret ...


Eddie Oz and Felix Hughes the Movie

this are the funnyist Milksahke drinking characters for NBC's SNL and other Film Series for movie

Comedy / Adult

Like a Cheater in Church

"Like a Cheater in Church" is a comedy that follows a conflicted Bob as he discovers his wife has ...

Sci Fi

Embdied (May 02, 2019 13:55:45)

A typical planetary exploration turns into a nightmare when an untested commander encounters her ...


Logan: On Borrowed Time

Ressurection has a price. But family is everything!



The way the story beginnings is a boy is walking home from school and comes home to discover a old ...


Images (January 09, 2019)

A man struggling with psychosis must find a way to change his deadly thoughts, before they manifest ...

Tragedy / Romance

I Will Come Home

A newlywed firefighter and his wife are experiencing their honeymoon phase of their marriage. When ...

Action / Drama

Rio Harrison

A team of truckers rescues a kidnapped family member while thwarting the cartel's attempts to ...

Experimental / Sci Fi

Women, Fire and Dangerous Things

Through a most peculiar set of sequential events, the lives of Pavonis Dawit and Faven Rojas ...


7 Entries

With walls built, guarded like no other, and burning with curiosity; an 18-year-old girl learns the ...


The Binding Road

When a poor and reckless juvenile is sought out by her rich, yet desperate half-brother who ...

Adult / Fantasy

The Friend I love (May 14, 2019 17:32:37)

Best friend falls for other best friend. They don't know that they have feelings for them.


Unknown for now (May 20, 2019)

A young teenage girl who isolates herself at home and at school


Luke and Kira

A guy and a gal discover that their love for each other through music