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Suspense / Horror

But where am I?

A film showing a day in the life of a young male, who is very content with life. His job is good, ...



A man thinks he is having a bad day until he meets a handicapped boy who makes him realize how ...


Take My Hand

The truest love is giving your life for another.


Fever Dreams (January 07, 2019)

a lone man tries to understand where the entire population went and whether its a dream or not

Sci Fi / Fantasy

Untitled (February 23, 2019)

W.W.271324 - Earth year 640113AD - War consumes the planet, again. Only this time, it's ...


Black Moon

Accepting myself to be who I am was not real, and just to live and be who you are, were almost ...


Untitled (February 25, 2019)

I am deaf I was 5 in accidentally from car


Heroes by Choice

Four teens get powers and on turns evil and tries to take over the world.


Unkown Signs

A man struggles to deal with his mental health. After selfish act he embarks on a confusing journey ...


Christmas 'Claus'e

Christ ate all the chocolate after resurrection upsetting all the kids in the village. He later ...


Untitled (April 28, 2019)

With her new found confidence gained from the help of a hypnotist, a college girl finds love at a ...


Couple's Counselling

Paranoia and anxiety have caused Dan and Alison's marriage to crack over recent months. However, ...

Horror / Thriller


6 kids are done with being bullied so they run away to find themselves lost in the middle of the ...


Operation Lync

Turkish terrorist have taken an SAS soldier, Matthew Roberts, hostage and it's up to Colonel Lee, ...


My first screenplay

A woman must navigate a confusing screenwriting software to finally tell her story.