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Sci Fi / Romance

Artful Supervision

When the perfect man comes by, Aurora soon discovers he's hiding a deeper secret. Perhaps art can ...

Drama / Comedy

The Power of Dreams

The Power of Dreams is about smart dressed Catholic cowgirl ALEGRA Cruise from Decatur, AL who is ...


The Night People

A man and woman on the run come across a mysterious stranger at an old motel.


Slumber Still:Out of Light

While being menaced by a sinister entity, Mira must unravel a family's dark history while fighting ...



The number of screenpalys you can start at one time is two (2) private and two (2) public The ...


What Happened In September

Dog walker, falls asleep August 31st to awake October 1st and Cerberus waiting on him with a leash.


The Dinner

A Star Quarterback goes to dinner where he gets an unexpected dinner guest.


What Really Happened to Grandma

Grandma is found dead in an alley, run over by a reindeer. Can the perpetrators be brought to ...


Thanksgiving dinner

Group of girlfriends struggle with their issues on Thanksgiving



Miles- A young African-American male with a speech impediment is invited to compete in an ...


" Who in the Heavens "

An over saturation of God's being made in mans image. Making for an interesting heaven, of gods ...

Sci Fi / Action

The Day It Happened

A teen visits relatives and covers the truth that changes everything he knows about life itself.



Amazing musical that is funny about murders


Alone in the cold world

A man is Alone because he is the only one who survived the attack of the Aliens


Why do I have to go to school

Mom, why do I have to go to school? Valerie sweetie, do you want me to go to jail?