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The Head... (January 18, 2019 15:56:10)

A small town Sheriff in search of a missing person discovers just how nasty a gas station restroom ...



Autism and Special People



Rebecca gets to her family’s countryside house to prepare it before an auction. She acts ...


Wade mcman : the first spawn of the devil

Wade mcman , Louie Cameron / Lucifer , micheal cohenger / bloodtiger, Helen mcman

Sci Fi

30 seconds

When the batteries need changing, the boys get more than they bargained for. And more...


Garage Sale

Garage Sale - A short horror story about a lovable quirky grandmother who kills people for her ...

Comedy / Romance

Untitled (June 01, 2019)

Aspiring screenwriter tries out a new screenwriting platform and finds love.


A Thin Line

Three outlaw friends follow the lead of a cooky old-timer who claims that there's a "treasure" ...

Thriller / Mystery

Photo Recall

Sam; a twenty one year old woman, wakes up in a bathtub opposite a camera on a tripod, she must ...

Comedy / Drama

Untitled (January 05, 2019)

A young superhero finds his powers in an unconventional way, and must battle family secrets to ...



Border noir about a college kid recruited to be a drug mule.


Black Moon

Accepting myself to be who I am was not real, and just to live and be who you are, were almost ...

Adventure / Sci Fi

The Object

There was an idea about the object, yet things are completely different now. It was more than we ...


Not A Nice Person Camp

These 12 year old buddies have no clue how devastating their behaviour is to their families and ...


Heroes by Choice

Four teens get powers and on turns evil and tries to take over the world.