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One body

A story of an average man with an average job discovers that his split personality has came back.



Imagine opening the door to an inversed world. We're not just talking about chandeliers on the ...

Drama / Experimental


Ed Wilson makes a tragic mistake.

Comedy / Action

Untitled (May 06, 2019)

A team of high school filmmaker wannabes try their luck to join a short film competition to fund ...



Someone who spent his whole life looking for happiness in love but could not find it.


I wish the world to change

Help us change the world



A freshman befriends a group of seniors but they're only using him for their senior prank.


Untitled (February 11, 2019 13:01:22)

New kid at school assumes the role of hall monitor and is tasked with taking down a local drug ring.


Untitled (February 14, 2019)

Daughter move to new york looking for her father she never meet



Autism and Special People


Untitled (February 21, 2019)

Young talent expiring actor struggles to go to the next level after his foster mother passes away l

Adventure / Sci Fi

The Object

There was an idea about the object, yet things are completely different now. It was more than we ...

Drama / Mystery


A young and talented lawyer is given an opportunity to join a secret corporation cult, but in the ...

Drama / Comedy

“The Importantance of Life”

Life is so precious and kind. But we at time, only take the depth of it, as what we see fit.


With My Dying Breath

A young amateur boxer has to face mental repercussions after facing tragedy, 2 days before his ...