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Under the Rock

A conservative middle age woman discovers her sexuality through a rock song!



Adopted brother Miles is getting settled in with his new family, two blood related brothers whose ...


the good student

where a great student named Avia gets straight A's and gets a scolarship for College


The Kiss

The kiss, remembering the first and tasting the last. Who could think that such beauty would be ...


Much Ado About the Apocalypse

Earth's mightiest hero finds preventing planetary disasters smaller obstacles than navigating ...

Action / Thriller

Sunnyville Family Cult

In the small town of Sunnyville, Illinois all seems peaceful but a dark secret lingers this town at ...


Untitled (February 14, 2019)

Daughter move to new york looking for her father she never meet


Untitled (February 25, 2019)

I am deaf I was 5 in accidentally from car



A Catholic adolescent rebels against his parents by drinking beer, only for it to backfire.


Beginning of End

One man, one heart and one soul is all that is left of humanity. All you can hear is the wind ...

Comedy / Drama

The Struggle

The struggles of an acting career become more and more evident to a young artist - before the ...

Sci Fi / Action




Take My Hand

The truest love is giving your life for another.

Tragedy / Mystery

When will it end

This is about a girl who At school is one of the popular kids but when it all comes down to home ...

Experimental / Documentary

Black Odyssey

About a Girl named Alex and her southside Survival in Chicago