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A Story to End (April 11, 2019)

A broad short story of what its like to be in the state of depression, and what life looks like ...



In New York City, black people remain on the run. They run away from those people who are even ...


Pisiwann international (April 19, 2019 10:07:06)

Pisiwann in English spell ( Pc-One) he is international promoter entertainment and Social media ...


The Get Back

Redemption meets opportunity


in my shoes

its about an high autistic functioning girl who spends her whole life being abused until she learns ...

Mystery / Tragedy

Only Me

A bride and groom are on the way to their honeymoon when they get into an accident. The woman wakes ...

Sci Fi

Tree sapiens

World famous genetic engineer Kayes working on creating a human being who can create their own food ...


The Last Chance

Three Deadly prisoners escape after the plane crash middle of nowhere. They are Now or Never ...