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Suspense / Horror

Me And Mine

A man returns to his family farm to find himself after recently being released from an insane ...

Fantasy / Drama

The King Without A Crown.

The Story Of A Prince who got to learn Things ain't always what they seem. Also with the help of ...


American Boys (June 26, 2019)

Brothers released from prison face a decision to seek revenge on their abusive father or forgive ...


West of Nowhere (June 26, 2019)

West of Nowhere - Two impatient companions argue over the best way to get revenge against a ...


Operation Lync

Turkish terrorist have taken an SAS soldier, Matthew Roberts, hostage and it's up to Colonel Lee, ...


Fever Dreams (January 07, 2019)

a lone man tries to understand where the entire population went and whether its a dream or not



A freshman befriends a group of seniors but they're only using him for their senior prank.


My first screenplay

A woman must navigate a confusing screenwriting software to finally tell her story.

Action / Horror

Black Mogus

In this wicked supernatural hood tale of a hood priest, who had an addiction. That lead him on a ...

Sci Fi / Thriller

The contest

A down on his luck writer enters a screenwriting contest and almost immediately realizes things are ...


Call of God (Match 07, 2019)

Even if nobody observes you try to do good. The same day that Carlos was fired from work, he ...

Drama / Comedy

“The Importantance of Life”

Life is so precious and kind. But we at time, only take the depth of it, as what we see fit.

Drama / Experimental


Ed Wilson makes a tragic mistake.


Christmas 'Claus'e

Christ ate all the chocolate after resurrection upsetting all the kids in the village. He later ...