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Suspense / Drama


Go to work..do your job and go home. At least that's how it suppose to be

Mystery / Fantasy

Graduation Day Mystery Man

A young falls in love with a mystery man seen at her high school graduation.


With My Dying Breath

A young amateur boxer has to face mental repercussions after facing tragedy, 2 days before his ...


Home by 5:30 (March 28, 2019)

Set in modern London, Armen (7), an immigrant boy has to find a computer in order to complete his ...


Naysayer's Dream

An aspiring screenwriter has an opportunity to win big, but first he must impress a dream killing ...

Comedy / Action

Untitled (May 06, 2019)

A team of high school filmmaker wannabes try their luck to join a short film competition to fund ...



Someone who spent his whole life looking for happiness in love but could not find it.


I wish the world to change

Help us change the world


lifes but a moment

This screenplay will be a documentary if a black 16 year old boy (me) losing his mother at a very ...



i have finally find you, and you slip threw my hands


Single (May 21, 2019)

A mysterious man spends his days lying in between a motel room's mattress while guests are staying.

Comedy / Horror

The Other White Meat

A solitary, half-naked man defies the harsh rays. He looks ravaged by the elements and has several ...


It's Not a Big Deal

A girl lives with her step Mother and father, she gets abused verbally and emotionally. When she ...


The Lies We Tell

Leeyah is in love deeper than she's ever been, Except it's with two different women. Selfish or ...


Wraith Woods

A husband searches for his wife in an eerie forest while trying to keep his son clam and by his ...