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Action / Thriller

21 CUTS. (January 21, 2019)

A wrongfully formulated story leads to the murder of a mysterious man's estranged daughter, which ...



A Hollywood tour guide obsessed with a major movie star quietly inserts herself into his life, ...


The Alpha Virus

A brilliant and self-centered programmer accidentally unleashes a dangerous virus, but as he races ...


The Bottom Line

While trying to secure an investment in his new business, a conflict-averse entrepreneur is pursued ...


Need for Escape

A young man trying to travel abroad from Gaza-strip for study with many challenges, difficulties ...


Homestay 13

Stella Hartman goes on a backpacking holiday in Bali and stays in Homestay 13. Her fellow travelers ...


The Holocaust of Alice

An insane woman thinks she saved a baby from a Nazi gas chamber.


The Formula

After an activist hacker discovers a multinational pharmaceutical company has a drug that extends ...


Last Seen

When a woman never arrives for work, her husband searches her computer to find clues as to what ...


The Space Between The Seasons

Abigail is back in her hometown for the Summer and sparks fly between her and her old high-school ...

Comedy / Drama

I am Knafe

"Knafe" (Ahmad) is a Palestinian boy who skips school every day without his parents' knowledge to ...


Taylor’s Skins

It’s a different make of leather.

Action / Fantasy

The Undergrounds

An outcast teenager discovers his secret past and when puberty hits, so do his super powers. He's ...


PRO GUIDED SCREENPLAY - The Date and the Ogre Roommate

When an impatient woman is finally able to bring the cute, kind guy she’s been seeing home for the ...


Neighbourhood Watch

A mysterious recluse piques the interest of the new next door neighbours; as they get to know the ...