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The Bottom Line

While trying to secure an investment in his new business, a conflict-averse entrepreneur is pursued ...


Homestay 13

Stella Hartman goes on a backpacking holiday in Bali and stays in Homestay 13. Her fellow travelers ...


Need for Escape

A young man trying to travel abroad from Gaza-strip for study with many challenges, difficulties ...


The Formula

After an activist hacker discovers a multinational pharmaceutical company has a drug that extends ...


The Empty Chair (January 11, 2019)

Sandy Godfrey survives the crash that kills her entire family. Riddled with angst and regret, she ...


The Space Between The Seasons

Abigail is back in her hometown for the Summer and sparks fly between her and her old high-school ...


Last Seen

When a woman never arrives for work, her husband searches her computer to find clues as to what ...

Comedy / Drama

I am Knafe

"Knafe" (Ahmad) is a Palestinian boy who skips school every day without his parents' knowledge to ...

Action / Fantasy

The Undergrounds

An outcast teenager discovers his secret past and when puberty hits, so do his super powers. He's ...


Neighbourhood Watch

A mysterious recluse piques the interest of the new next door neighbours; as they get to know the ...


The Angry Side

An adopted woman turning 18 seeks out her biological family and gets caught in the middle of their ...


Ruby Tuesday

A young woman, estranged from her family, is on a discretionary probation. She struggles to turn ...


If You're Not The One

The classic warm-hearted story about a woman who find self-love from falling for her 'true love'.


Spite House

After his life crumbles, a disgraced lawyer cooks the books to build a 'spite house' as revenge ...


The Escape

Josh goes to school thinking its another day at Sheldon High when a gang enters the school looking ...