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The Get Back

Redemption meets opportunity


in my shoes

its about an high autistic functioning girl who spends her whole life being abused until she learns ...

Mystery / Tragedy

Only Me

A bride and groom are on the way to their honeymoon when they get into an accident. The woman wakes ...

Sci Fi

Tree sapiens

World famous genetic engineer Kayes working on creating a human being who can create their own food ...


A Brother's Love

Charlie Jamie Mr.Watson Lisa Draco Margot



A 15 years old girl blame her father for her mother death.

Romance / Musical

Legendary Emman

The destiny of two lovers who rain away from each other and then later realized they were meant for ...


The Sad girl

A sad girl,a lovely woman and a unfriendly man.The girl Search answers of questions from her ...


Untitled (May 20, 2019) fj

Miracle can happen


Untitled (June 08, 2019)

A girl who's lost without her friends

Romance / Drama

Son of A Preachers man

where is that perfect church? So come as YOU ARE.

Suspense / Tragedy

A story of failure

Not every struggle ends with success. Not every risk you take brings you close to your victory ...

Musical / Comedy

Untitled (June 17, 2019)

It's about a boy named Kyren who wants to pursue his dreams of being on Broadway