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The Angry Side

An adopted woman turning 18 seeks out her biological family and gets caught in the middle of their ...


Ruby Tuesday

A young woman, estranged from her family, is on a discretionary probation. She struggles to turn ...


Learning to Love

A tragic accident sends Amelia into a coma, her brother must reconnect with his estranged family ...


The Gift of Love

A struggling mother must make the ultimate sacrifice for the best interest of those she loves.


Spite House

After his life crumbles, a disgraced lawyer cooks the books to build a 'spite house' as revenge ...


The Last Loser

Some say, those who finish in second place, are the first loser, this is the story of the one who ...


If You're Not The One

The classic warm-hearted story about a woman who find self-love from falling for her 'true love'.


The Future of Katie Kiddy

A young woman loses her job and, on the brink of insolvency, she goes to a fortune teller who tells ...


The Escape

Josh goes to school thinking its another day at Sheldon High when a gang enters the school looking ...


Our Father

Your destiny and your future lie in Our Father's hands. The second you breathe the air after your ...


Open House

An unemployed twenty-something seeks to sate his rumbling belly at a real estate open house.


Cowboy Justice

A rural lawyer from Manitoba heads to the Big City to take on Big Oil.



After foiling a kidnapping attempt, an aging perfectionist stuntman flees with the targeted ...



During the American Civil War, former slave Mary Bowser, takes part in a Union spy ring while ...


The Woman Who Knew Too Little

A woman works for a steel magnate and is forever trying to look more important than she is. When a ...