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Our Father

Your destiny and your future lie in Our Father's hands. The second you breathe the air after your ...


Cowboy Justice

A rural lawyer from Manitoba heads to the Big City to take on Big Oil.



After foiling a kidnapping attempt, an aging perfectionist stuntman flees with the targeted ...


The Future of Katie Kiddy

A young woman loses her job and, on the brink of insolvency, she goes to a fortune teller who tells ...



During the American Civil War, former slave Mary Bowser, takes part in a Union spy ring while ...


The Tower

An aging lighthouse keeper rescues a young sailor from a shipwreck, but soon finds himself haunted ...

Horror / Suspense

The Detour

When a distraught young woman runs off the road, a good Samaritan turns out to be her worst ...


Urban Guerrilla

The past never stays buried for long.


Learning to Love

A tragic accident sends Amelia into a coma, her brother must reconnect with his estranged family ...


Clyde's Nights

A mild-mannered accountant begins have strange, vivid dreams, and quickly discovers that they are ...


To die for

A man back from his last mission abroad witnesses the murder of his wife and youngest son. After ...


The Last Loser

Some say, those who finish in second place, are the first loser, this is the story of the one who ...

Drama / Comedy


The comedic tale of an introverted unpublished author always seems to be one step behind success.

Action / Sci Fi


A man who possesses the ability to turn into animals must stop a colleague from using his DNA in ...


Wishing Well

Lucinda comes from a poor village, she fills her days fighting for her fellow villagers against the ...