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Urban Guerrilla

The past never stays buried for long.


love me or love me not

Three college students return home for summer break. Being best friends and wanting to keep their ...


To die for

A man back from his last mission abroad witnesses the murder of his wife and youngest son. After ...


Clyde's Nights

A mild-mannered accountant begins have strange, vivid dreams, and quickly discovers that they are ...


Wishing Well

Lucinda comes from a poor village, she fills her days fighting for her fellow villagers against the ...

Action / Sci Fi


A man who possesses the ability to turn into animals must stop a colleague from using his DNA in ...


Open House

An unemployed twenty-something seeks to sate his rumbling belly at a real estate open house.


Welcome to the cruel life

Lugat (the albanian vampire) is brought back to life by Ghoul ( the Arab Demon)

Horror / Thriller


When a recent widowed woman tries to put her life back together by adopting a 3 year old girl named ...


From the very first time

“Theory huh?” She asked inquisitively, “banging theory, you mean?” He questioned, “like what they ...


Taylor’s Skins

It’s a different make of leather.

Romance / Comedy

How to not ruin your date

A man is running late to his date with a transfer student while, his ex tries to ruin it in a ...



The middle of the night and it's pouring! Police with dogs following scour the woods looking for ...

Sci Fi


When a fun karaoke night out in a foreign city goes awry, a rebellious stand-up comedian finds ...