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Horror / Thriller


When a recent widowed woman tries to put her life back together by adopting a 3 year old girl named ...


From the very first time

“Theory huh?” She asked inquisitively, “banging theory, you mean?” He questioned, “like what they ...


World's Away

To escape a forced marriage, a rebellious prince runs away from his home planet in search of a ...


Of Concern (January 18, 2019 17:19:18)

Parents' Day. A desperate mother must convince a class teacher, in an exclusive private school, ...


In the Hall of the Mountain Kings

In 1587, a timid, English cartographer sails to the New World in search of his brother and the lost ...


Discarnate Deposition Technician - The William Street Case

A CSI who interviews the murdered victim for their side of events.



The middle of the night and it's pouring! Police with dogs following scour the woods looking for ...

Sci Fi


When a fun karaoke night out in a foreign city goes awry, a rebellious stand-up comedian finds ...


Low Forest

A mercenary takes a bullet for the sake of forest full of mutated wasps. His dying wish to nosy ...


Precious Baby

A couple who has been trying for a child without success is determined to have one.



A once happy 18-year-old high schooler battles heartache, secrecy and other unfortunate events that ...


Fresh out the box (January 25, 2019 15:34:45)

A traveling hungry man uses his cell phone to find a bite to eat. When he arrives to the location, ...

Fantasy / Comedy

Bkind Monkey and the Sleeping Bear

A scientific lab ape with a genius IQ escapes the facilities , meets a brown bear who while trying ...



A boy coming of age, and wealth put himself in the shoes of someone on the other side of the tracks ...

Sci Fi

Taken, Almost!

When unfriendly aliens land their UFO on Naomi and Noah’s farm and try to abduct their mean ...