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Fantasy / Comedy

Bkind Monkey and the Sleeping Bear

A scientific lab ape with a genius IQ escapes the facilities , meets a brown bear who while trying ...



A boy coming of age, and wealth put himself in the shoes of someone on the other side of the tracks ...



In the year 50000, man are able transform any planet into living planet. A boy arrived at a planet ...

Drama / Suspense

The Kitty Stayed (January 11, 2019)

She was running away from her own thoughts and feelings but they where already waiting for her in ...


The Lunch Thief Investigation

A overreacting guy keeps getting his lunch stolen at work so with the help of his mellow friend ...


Funeral In Macao

A cops wife has been taken into human trafficking after a night out with her friends. He is now ...

Comedy / Adult

Holy Virginity!

The Craft (if they were Angels) meets Bruce Almighty (if he was Hugh Jackman) meets Dogma



As buildings crumble and get repaired around a bus stop, two lovers age while the concrete seems to ...

Mystery / Action

The Decision

A burnt-out private detective of the modern era wonders about his future while running down a ...


Discarnate Deposition Technician - The William Street Case

A CSI who interviews the murdered victim for their side of events.


Out Of Touch

In 1986, the lives of 7 teenagers are changed when they have to cope with the mysterious loss of ...


The Big Wish

A little boy gets a new big friend to play with.


The Usual Escape

A pair of inmates live comfortably in prison until a new warden determines to release them for good ...

Action / Comedy


Frustrated with the justice system, a retired vigilante reunites with her former sidekick to rid ...


World's Away

To escape a forced marriage, a rebellious prince runs away from his home planet in search of a ...