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Funeral In Macao

A cops wife has been taken into human trafficking after a night out with her friends. He is now ...


Caught in the Box

A traveling man uses social media to find a place for a quick bite to eat. When he arrives at the ...

Mystery / Action

The Decision

A burnt-out private detective of the modern era wonders about his future while running down a ...

Sci Fi

Taken, Almost!

When unfriendly aliens land their UFO on Naomi and Noah’s farm and try to abduct their mean ...


Out Of Touch

In 1986, the lives of 7 teenagers are changed when they have to cope with the mysterious loss of ...


The Big Wish

A little boy gets a new big friend to play with.


The Contribution Conundrum

A community of online writers compete with each other for dominant contributions to a single ...

Action / Comedy


Frustrated with the justice system, a retired vigilante reunites with her former sidekick to rid ...


The Dinner Party

Betty and Dave are expecting a quiet night in, but that is not what their family has in store for ...


The Usual Escape

A pair of inmates live comfortably in prison until a new warden determines to release them for good ...



After Louis Bromfield invites friend Humphrey Bogart and fiance` Lauren Bacall to spend their ...


My Feeling of your feeling

A broken telephone of feeling. A start of a story of my feeling that will be t



Stolen Innocence of a Child


Low Forest

A mercenary takes a bullet for the sake of forest full of mutated wasps. His dying wish to nosy ...



An extraordinary story of an addict who fooled everyone with a new job in a new province, only to ...