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Low Forest

A mercenary takes a bullet for the sake of forest full of mutated wasps. His dying wish to nosy ...



An extraordinary story of an addict who fooled everyone with a new job in a new province, only to ...


Mickey's Corner

A drug-dealing thespian encounters two policemen on patrol.


Of Concern (January 18, 2019 17:19:18)

Parents' Day. A desperate mother must convince a class teacher, in an exclusive private school, ...

Tragedy / Sci Fi

Like There's No Tomorrow

A lonely man struggling with the after effects of a brutal breakup helps the regulars at his bar ...



The middle of the night and it's pouring! Police with dogs following scour the woods looking for ...

Sci Fi


When a fun karaoke night out in a foreign city goes awry, a rebellious stand-up comedian finds ...


Precious Baby

A couple who has been trying for a child without success is determined to have one.



A once happy 18-year-old high schooler battles heartache, secrecy and other unfortunate events that ...


The Margolin

Dear Isabelle, this pearl reveals your destiny. It will predict your path before it’s imminence. ...


The Lunch Thief Investigation

A overreacting guy keeps getting his lunch stolen at work so with the help of his mellow friend ...

Fantasy / Comedy

Bkind Monkey and the Sleeping Bear

A scientific lab ape with a genius IQ escapes the facilities , meets a brown bear who while trying ...



In the year 50000, man are able transform any planet into living planet. A boy arrived at a planet ...

Comedy / Drama

Freshmeat (January 26, 2019)

A freshman befriends a group of seniors but they're only using him for their senior prank.


Funeral In Macao

A cops wife has been taken into human trafficking after a night out with her friends. He is now ...