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Position: Screenwriter

hiring_a_writer_hero_icons_contract_period.svgContract period: 4-months, renewable


Compensation: $25,000 for pilot episode, + additional $25,000 if series is picked up for min. 6 episodes

This is an opportunity for a advanced / Intermediate screenwriter to embark on a journey they never thought possible. This is an opportunity for a dedicated writer to partner with a passionate group of individuals looking to disrupt the tv and other (to be disclosed) industries. If a writer is looking to write their opus, this is the opportunity. The writer has the chance to make television history with this project. We are not looking for someone that can JUST write a pilot- we are looking for someone that can write multiple shows and in other genres. We are looking for a lifelong partner.

Duties & Expectations:

  • Co-create the idea for a script.
  • Revise a script under the direction of the creators.
  • Create a Series Bible.
  • Create a Treatment.
  • May also attend publicity events to promote the television show.
  • Receive feedback about the first draft of their work.
  • Research background material.
  • Produce themes and ideas.
  • Prepare short summaries of ideas and pitching them to producers or development executives.
  • Developing believable plots and characters.

Minimum Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in English, writing, business etc. is preferred, not required, but looked upon very favorably.
  • Must have several completed screenplays, preferably TV series pilots
  • A minimum of at least one (1) pilot script sold and shot highly preferred..

Ideal candidate:

The ideal candidate for this role would possess the following attributes and skills:

  • Possess the potential of being the lead writer of a series and comfortable pitching project to a room of Hollywood executives.
  • Highly creative, able to produce new ideas and envision what they look like before they are made.
  • Empathetic, business-minded, open to constructive criticism, confident.
  • Able to work well with others and as part of a team of creators, directors, and producers.
  • Possess STRONG command of the English language and ability to write compelling stories
  • Punctual and available when needed.
  • Ideal candidate should possess a level of life and work experience that allows them to relate to characters' plights.
  • Protagonist of TV show is a mixed race (African American / Caucasian), female professional, Female writers who identify as belonging to a visible minority are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Location of candidate in Northeast U.S. is preferable but not required.


$25,000 USD for a 4-month contract. An additional $25,000 USD to be paid if the series is picked up for a minimum of 6 episodes.

How To Apply


Limited Representation Agreement:

By submitting your name and/or script materials (the “Work”) hereunder the applicant writer (“Writer”) acknowledges and agrees that Open Screenplay Inc. (“OSI”) is hereby appointed and authorized to act as your exclusive agent in connection with the writing service engagements listed above, for a period of six (6) months from the date of your submission (the “Term”). OSI’s representation will automatically terminate at the end of the Term unless extended by mutual written agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if OSI is actively in formal negotiation with any third party client/producer for the potential engagement of Writer’s writing services then the Term shall automatically extend until such negotiations are concluded, for up to 90 days. In OSI’s capacity as agent OSI shall use reasonable commercial efforts during the Term to assist Writer in securing and negotiating terms for engagement of Writer’s services in connection with the opportunity described herein, provided that OSI shall not be authorized to enter into any agreement on Writer’s behalf without Writer’s approval
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