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Tips for Developing Your Characters

Tip #1: Read the tutorials for Protagonist, Influencing Character, Opponent, and Character Flaw.

Tip #2: Make your characters interesting, vivid, and multi-dimensional by giving them multiple traits in their Description.

Tip #3: Don’t create a character unless they are necessary to the story – don’t overpopulate your screenplay with unnecessary players.  Remember, you can Vote to Not Include Characters if you feel they’re unnecessary.  

Tip #4: Backstory can be helpful but in general is not as vital to screenwriting as most people believe.  Showing who the character is through their actions and words is more important and useful in most screenplays.  

Tip #5: If you’re not sure about some of the specific Character Elements, leave them blank and let other Users create ideas for voting. 

Tip #6: Have fun!