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What are Characters?

People – who needs ‘em?  Screenwriters do, and in a big way.

Characters are essential to every narrative story, and each story needs at least one character. Why? 
Because the audience needs someone or something they can relate to (or at least understand), and in doing so can then experience the story through that character.  
Characters exist to create empathy with the audience and make it possible for them to feel something. Your characters might invite sympathy, inspire wonder, or spark anger. Whatever the intended emotion is, when this happens the audience becomes invested in the story and will therefore care about how it all turns out.

Characters are usually human but don’t have to be – they can be an animal, a plant, a voice, an inanimate object, or anything else you can get the audience to associate with.

Remember that Characters are the driving force of every screenplay – so be sure to make them great!