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Collaborative Feature Film


We are pleased to announce our Collaborative Feature Contest.

If Orson Welles didn’t have Herman Mankiewicz would we have had Citizen Kane? If Martin Scorcese never met Nicholas Pileggi would we have Goodfellas and Casino? If Seth Rogan didn’t have Evan Goldberg would we have ever met McLovin? Needless to say that the right chemistry between collaborators can yield magic on the screen.  That’s why we invite you to find your great writing partner or partners, the Damon to your Affleck, and collaborate on a feature film together. You choose the genre, subject matter, and whether it’s public or private. Just make sure you work with at least one collaborator, and write it using our guided process (sorry folks, no uploads allowed for this one). The topic is open, just be sure to follow the rules and guidelines. Happy Writing!

Contest Entry Fee:   Free to Open Screenplay Members 

                                 or $40 1-time Entry fee for Non-Members