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What is a Genre?

It’s all about entertainment, baby! 

Genres are categories that let the audience know what kind of entertainment they are about to see.  It’s important for the audience to know the genre beforehand so they can choose whether or not they want to have the specific type of emotional experience that each genre provides.  In Open Screenplay’s case, genre helps users choose which kind of screenplay they want to contribute to.

And you better deliver!

One of the keys to writing a successful screenplay is meeting the expectations of your Genre. If you’re writing a Comedy, your audience expects to laugh, so include a lot of funny bits. If you’re writing a horror, they expect to be scared. If you’re writing an Adventure film, they expect to be excited by new events.  Be sure to create a lot of moments that pay off your genre.

This tutorial will help you select the right Genre for your Open Screenplay. 

(Note:  We understand that there is some overlap across certain genres, especially in how most people think of them, but in actuality, genres are distinct and specific. The following is how we think about genre at Open Screenplay.)