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Influencing Character

Influencing Characters in Open Screenplay

As you can see, the Influencing Character can be a very important part of any story or storyline.  

At Open Screenplay we recognize this, so the inclusion of an Influencing Character is available right off the bat in the Characters Phase.   Be sure to put some thought into your choices for who this character is and how they compliment or contrast your Protagonist.  After all, they’ll usually be the second biggest role in the story.

There is no set limit to how many characters you can designate as Influencing Character.  Sometimes more than one person can affect change in a Protagonist.  Just remember that the majority of stories or storylines out there have a single, principal Influencing Character. 

You will be able to choose an Influencing Character for each storyline of an ensemble or television screenplay.  Some storylines will not need an Influencing Character, as described above.  You’ll need to evaluate each storyline and what it needs regarding an Influencing Character. 

And as with many other elements in Open Screenplay, you’ll always have the option to select “Vote to Not Include” for any particular submission in this category. 

Now that you understand the importance of the Influencing Character in screenwriting and how they work in Open Screenplay, go ahead and give your Protagonists that perfect someone (or something) to compliment them along their way!