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Banking in a Digital World (the “Contest”) In Partnership with RBC


Open Screenplay is proud to bring you an exciting opportunity to share your creative story ideas on the topic of Banking in a Digital World.

Internet and mobile banking have changed our world in profound ways and added incredible conveniences and efficiency to our daily lives. Whether you’re paying a bill or managing your monthly budget, routine tasks that once ate up significant parts of your day now are done in mere seconds, and with greater accuracy and security than ever before. 

Open Screenplay and RBC Royal Bank want to hear stories about how digital banking has enhanced your life. We want you to dig into your rich vault of creativity and provide us with Story Concepts about how digital or mobile banking has improved your life, or has the potential to do so.

Imagine a world where we spend less time banking, and more time living. Can this technological wonder make us more present? Give us more time to parent? Facilitate great memories and spontaneous adventures?  What would you tell a person who still stands in line to pay his bill or hasn’t discovered the magic of a mobile deposit?  Would you help keep  your grandmother safe from COVID-19 with the convenience of mobile banking?  Or show her how to E-transfer your birthday gift? 

We can't wait to read your story ideas!