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Constructing Script Pages in Open Screenplay

Once you’ve selected the scene you’d like to write pages for, you’ll be able to type your contribution directly into the Open Screenplay site in your contribution box.

Since the slugline will be carried over from the Scene Outline Phase, the first element available is the Action Line. Just jump on in and get them going! Every scene should start with an Action Line.

Once the first Action Line is submitted, here is how to construct the rest of the script page:

  • TAB on a new line will center the cursor for writing dialogue. To choose which character is speaking, you must use “@” symbol. Type it and you will be able to select a character from a list of available characters. The character’s Screenplay Display Name will automatically appear in CAPS.
  • ENTER (carriage return) will start first line of dialogue.
  • TAB within Dialogue will indent and then open the first bracket for a parenthetical. Write an end bracket “)” to close the parenthetical and press ENTER to continue writing dialogue.
  • ENTER within Dialogue will exit the characters dialogue and start a new line of Action Text.

When submitting your contributions for Script Pages:

  • Don’t add any page numbers – they will be automatically generated in the compiled script.
  • Very Important – DO NOT write any non-script-related notes, personal messages, or personal information within the pages of the Script Contribution (or any Contribution). This violates our Terms of Use and will be grounds for cancellation of your account.