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1st Short Film Contest


This contest has closed. To see the winners (https://www.openscreenplay.com/shortfilmcontestwinners)


We are very excited to announce the first Open Screenplay Short Film Contest! On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about this fantastic opportunity.

Here’s how it works: Entrance is free! We will select a new and completed 10 minute or less short film screenplay that will be created and written on www.openscreenplay.com. Then we’ll put our money where our mouth is and produce it!

Yes, your contributions can be part of an actual movie. And what’s more, all of the voted contributors to the winning screenplays will be paid!


FIRST PRIZE - The winning screenplay will receive a license fee cash award of $2,000 USD, and will be produced by Open Screenplay. Writers of the winning screenplay will also receive a private session with Golden Globe nominee Richard Kletter.  

SECOND PRIZE – The second place screenplay will receive a $500 license fee cash award and may be produced by Open Screenplay in its sole discretion.

THIRD PRIZE - The third place screenplay will receive a $250 license fee cash award and may be produced by Open Screenplay in its sole discretion.

CONTEST WINNER BADGE - Contributors to the winning screenplays will receive a “Contest Winner” badge on their user profile page.

CONTEST FINALIST BADGE – Five (5) screenplays will be Finalists, and contributors to the fourth and fifth place screenplays will receive a “Contest Finalist” badge on their user profile page.

Additionally, here are some great giveaways we are awarding each month:

All screenplays finished before end of March will receive a screenplay review along with a 15 min call from one of our award-winning screenwriters.

All screenplays finished before end of April will have access to a private online Q&A session with Richard Kletter (USC Screenwriting Professor whose film was nominated for GOLDEN GLOBE).

All screenplays finished before end of May will receive access to a private multi-part screenwriting course taught by Andy Wolk (directed episodes of SOPRANOS & DAMAGES, Writer Guild Winner). Andy will breakdown and examine how an award-winning screenplay is structured, how each act works, turning points, climaxes and characters.

The earlier you finish your screenplay, the more giveaways you’ll receive!

If your contribution is voted in to the winning screenplay(s), you will share in the cash award(s) and also receive writing credit.   The more you contribute, the more awards you can earn!  

You will be able to start your own idea or contribute to an existing one.  Contribute as much or as little as you like.  Want to come up with an idea for a short film?  Or a character?  Or a scene idea?  Or write some pages?  Do any of it or all of it... it’s up to you.   The more you participate, the greater your chances are of winning part of the cash awards.

Distributions and credit for contributions will be made per our Terms of Use and Screenplay Equity Terms.

This is a great chance to get to know the platform if you don’t already, and to have fun contributing to the creation of a short film.  Like all participation on www.openscreenplay.com, it’s totally free!