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Story Concept

What are Story Concepts used for on Open Screenplay?

It is well known that stories are the most powerful way to convey a message.  Companies and brands have long known this and are always looking for creative story ideas that help them tell their brand story or define what they stand for. At Open Screenplay, we provide an opportunity for our community of screenwriters to respond to this demand by submitting their story ideas, in the form of “Story Concepts”, to companies and brands looking to explore particular topics. Screenwriters will be compensated for successful story concepts that are accepted by brands. 

While it may be tempting to think of Story Concepts as ideas for commercials or TV ads, they are much more than that.  Companies and brands need the creativity of the writer to envision their products and services in a broader context, such as how they may benefit their customers or society as a whole, or how they can set the stage for exciting events or desirable outcomes.  For greater clarity, see below for examples of Story Concepts addressing specific topic set by a company.