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Write for Humaniti!

Call for Entries

We believe that everyone should have access to clean water, food, shelter and opportunities for education and growth, and that those rights must be met in order for a society to flourish and prosper.  We also believe that those of us with an abundance must help those less fortunate, and through collective action, we have the ability to fulfil our obligations to one another.   

There is no better way to raise awareness, ignite our compassion, and motivate action than through stories that shed light on the suffering of others.  That is why Humaniti, a grassroots Canadian relief and development organization, has partnered with Open Screenplay to bring you this important contest.  We are looking for stories that can be dramatized to bring attention to those in need, particularly in countries and locations where Humaniti currently provides relief efforts (see list below).

This contest is free to participate in.  Just be sure to review the contest guidelines and start writing! THERE ARE 23 TOTAL PRIZES to be won, and you can win more than once, plus a chance to HAVE YOUR STORY PRODUCED!

Join us now and help us bring awareness and relief to those in need.


Here are a few areas to focus on:

  • Communities or peoples facing food shortages or food insecurity
  • Communities or peoples unable to access clean water
  • Communities lacking access to basic health services, including both mental and physical health
  • Communities ravaged by economic or environmental calamity, leaving them without secure shelters or economic opportunities
  • Locations where Humaniti currently provides relief efforts: Canada, USA, Syria, Pakistan, Africa, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Lebanon, and Palestine.

What we’re looking for:

  • Story Concepts that can be developed into dramatic short films that raise awareness and inspire action
  • Your story must have the following: a Title, genre, logline, theme, period, setting, characters and a synopsis detailing the main events of the story.
  • The story must be written and submitted via the Open Screenplay platform, and must follow the contest [guidelines].

A few important notes:

  •  There are no restrictions on or preference given to any religious or ethnic minorities.  However, we do ask that you restrict your stories to locations where Humaniti currently operates and provides relief efforts:Canada, USA, Syria, Pakistan, Africa, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Lebanon, and Palestine.
  • We recognize there are many communities facing a myriad of challenges in those countries, and that many are the result of conflicts - political, religious, etc.  But our objective is not to debate the politics or litigate heroes and villains, but rather to illuminate the stories of those people caught in the middle.
  •  The stories need not be biographical or first account, but they should be inspired by, or based on real and pressing challenges faced by various communities in need. 
  • Every month, 5 winning stories will be selected and receive cash prizes. Monthly winners will advance and be eligible for one of 3 grand prizes to be announced after the end of the contest period.
  • If selected as a winner, you may be hired on to further develop your story concept to a screenplay for production. 


Contest Entry Fee: Free