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From the very first time
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Period, Romance, Adventure Mystery
Type: Feature Film
Time Period:
Logline: “Theory huh?” She asked inquisitively, “banging theory, you mean?” He questioned, “like what they tell you about the earth isn’t really what it is. What about we give it some practical? You and me.” His gaze bores into hers, and at that point, she hasn’t’t been more ready to show him the oddity of the world they lived in. Nodding, she grinned mischievously.
Theme: Owen isn’t the quentissential dude; he is that guy that could go far back as 1540, and come back with a banging theory of 2018. He meets Betsy, and maybe what he isn’t is what he is supposed to be after all. Read as Owen became the new modern as opposed to the anomaly he was.