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The Last Loser
Started by:   Michael Craig
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High School, Sports, Tearjerker Drama
Type: Feature Film
Time Period: 1975
Logline: Some say, those who finish in second place, are the first loser, this is the story of the one who finished dead last, not once, but in every cross country race in which he ran. He is the last loser. The reason, known only to him, and those who loved him most. He loved to run, not because he might win, but because he simply loved to run. Yet, there were some who wanted him to quit!
Theme: Knowing what drives another person, may not always be known to us, therefore we should not be so quick to make judgments. As the motivations, of both the last loser and his antagonist are revealed, amazing changes take place.
Setting: This takes place in a High School in a small town of Beachport, MS located right on the coast.