After starting three companies, Khaled Sabawi has many valuable lessons to share, which is why TechToronto invited him to present at their signature TechToronto brings together a set of highly curated leaders and innovators to share their expertise & experiences to help Toronto Technologists expand their knowledge and network in the community, with the goal of collectively advancing Toronto’s technology industry. Taking a different approach, Khaled delivered a 5 min TED-style talk on the lessons learned from launching Open Screenplay, namely why writing your story matters, and the psychological impact of storytelling and how it can influence our lives for the better. 

Khaled Sabawi’s on Why Writing Your Story Matters (5 min)

“Like many entrepreneurs, my journey to create Open Screenplay started on an emotional level, with a desire to help solve an increasingly systemic problem I saw in the world. I believe the crisis of meaning many of us face in our lives is the result of the stories that have been told to us by our cultures and influential organizations in our society. I also believe that you can help us regains the lost meaning in our lives by telling us your unique story..” – Khaled Sabawi, Founder & CEO

Open Screenplay, a free, first-of-its-kind online platform for screenwriters, was founded to provide access to writers struggling to break into the business by helping them create better stories through the platform’s proven story-writing process and tools. Open Screenplay is creating a global community, where members have the option to collaborate with writers around the world.

The innovative platform, which has a patent pending, developed a completely new way of writing that provides expertise and learning, brings together people to write individually or collaborate on screenplays and helps screenwriters get paid and produced in an industry where getting from ideas to funding and production is very difficult.

Khaled was one of Canada’s leading innovators invited by TechToronto to share their knowledge and experiences with the organization’s community. He was joined by Sascha Darius, CEO of Bunz; Sally Daub, Founder & Managing partner of Pool Global Partners and Edward Shim, Managing Director of Studio 1 Labs.