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Open Screenplay Congratulates Investor & Advisor Mohannad Malas on Oscar Nomination

Open Screenplay Congratulates Investor & Advisor Mohannad Malas on Oscar Nomination

Apr 01, 2021

Company extends its congratulations to Executive Producers Farah Nabulsi and Mohannad Malas of the ground-breaking Palestinian Short

TORONTO, March 25, 2021 – Open Screenplay would like to extend its warmest congratulations to investor and advisory board member, Mr. Mohannad Malas, on the recent Oscar nomination of Palestinian short film, titled The Present, on which he served as Executive Producer. 

The Present was expertly directed by Palestinian-British Filmmaker, Farah Nabulsi and provides a glimpse of the difficulties faced by Palestinians living under Israeli occupation on a daily basis. The film has been met with near-unanimous critical acclaim, and so far has racked up an impressive 28 awards at international film festivals, culminating in Academy Award and BAFTA nominations. The Present is now streaming on Netflix. 

When asked about his decision to get involved with the project, Mr. Malas commented: “Farah Nabulsi is a talented director that I have admired ever since watching her early short films. Her work stems from deep passion with simplicity that yet evokes powerful audience emotion.”

Khaled Sabawi, Founder & CEO of Open Screenplay said: “Aside from having an astute eye for talent, Mr. Malas has been an incredible advocate for diverse voices in filmmaking, which is why he aligns so naturally with our mission at Open Screenplay. We are incredibly proud and grateful for our partnership with Mr. Malas, and we offer our sincerest congratulations TO THE ENTIRE CAST AND CREW for this fantastic achievement!”

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