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Open Screenplay rejoins forces with M Film Labs  to create opportunities for Latinx Filmmakers

Open Screenplay rejoins forces with M Film Labs to create opportunities for Latinx Filmmakers

Nov 22, 2022

TORONTO, July 22 2022 – Open Screenplay is proud to join forces again with the M Film Lab to launch their fall 2022 program: Amplifying Latinx Stories. This is a free-to-join screenwriting workshop and mentorship opportunity for Latinx screenwriters to work with a team of acclaimed mentors and industry professionals to hone their skills and prepare for a career in film and television writing. 

Mentors attached to this program include an array of acclaimed Latino and Latina screenwriters, filmmakers, producers and educators including: Santiago PaladinesGareth-Dunnet-AlcocerArturo MuyshondtBianca Gonzalez, Felicia Hilario, and Maggy Torres-Rodriguez.

Mr.Mohanad Malas, founder of The M Film Lab said “The lab aspires to provide an ecosystem for filmmakers to create authentic stories and diverse characters and to produce work that is creative, compelling, and with a strong social message.  We recognize that despite recent progress on screen, the industry is still far from proportionate and fair representation of Latinx writers and directors.  That’s why for our Fall 2022 program we are focused on creating opportunities for Latinx storytellers, and will hopefully launch the careers of 6 talented writers”

The M Film Lab utilizes Open Screenplay’s online platform, advanced screenwriting and collaboration tools, to facilitate the efficient hosting of workshops that reach more aspiring storytellers.

Commenting on the significance of this initiative, Open Screenplay Founder & CEO, Khaled Sabawi said “Most screenwriting labs offer valuable screenwriting theory, but don’t include the production of a completed screenplay.  By utilizing Open Screenplay to host and manage the lab, resources are freed up which can be allocated toward production, thereby increasing the impact, enhancing the experience for the participants, and attracting a very high caliber of applicants. We applaud the M Film Lab, and its founder Mr. Malas, for having the vision to employ our technology for such a worthwhile initiative”. 

Applications for the M Film Lab fall 2022 program can be submitted at https://www.openscreenplay.com/mfilmlab.com


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